On 04/28/2010 05:41 PM, Mario Behling wrote:
Hi Goh,

thanks for your input. Actually I think in regards to marketing
lubuntu is quite successful. There are thousands of blog entries and
many people are talking about it.

There was not a release for the general public yet and we are still at
the beginning.

So, any support from your side is welcome!

Ciao Mario

The following was sent to the Kubuntu-users mailing list and the
Ubuntu-mailing-list. But still ....I think there's more that can be done
not just by each of us, but the 'organizational' effort, especially if directed outside the ubuntu 'sphere' can be effective.
For example....

o media coverage, emphasizing lightness and speed with codecs and fonts.
o corporate free add-ons for broad-band providers (to give their customers) with customized browser and slypheed defaults. (how expensive can a 2Gb disk be?) which can be installed to the pc or as carry-on's. o tie-ins with companies like google (why not?) or yahoo; yes, google is coming out with their own OS, but their main profit target is not in OS, and other OS's which enables their main target objective would be welcome. Google giving out DNS is brilliant, gaining....

Sorry, got carried away...gosh, we might even make some money.
Heaven forbids  :)

But I'm sure you've got those covered,(and close to your heart) and more.

So take care now. - Goh Lip

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Have you guys (meaning n gals) heard of Lubuntu?
It's a great small distro using LXDE desktop. Works great and it would
be the one I'd recommend for not so powerful computer and for running
on the usb stick. Totally impressed with it.
Check out......


Run it on a 2 Gb usb stick for about 1 week now and was blown away.
Multimedia codecs all installed and the only thing I installed is adobe
flash (and gparted on the stick). Installation disk is only about 300
Mb. Comes with Google Chrome and Slypheed.

Tried Kubuntu Netbook Remix as well as Ubuntu Netbook Remix
but would not recommend running on usb. And yes, have tried Xubuntu.

Regards - Goh Lip

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