On Wed, 12 May 2010 00:03:06 +0100
Phillip Whiteside <phi...@phillw.net> wrote:

> I know that you do not have time to make a minimal iso, however having
> chatted to some 'nice people' it appears that I (or anyone) should actually
> be able to do it. It's called remastersys and how it works is at
> http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/remastersys I've no need to bore you with how
> it works, simply put - It takes your installed system and creates an iso
> with an md5 checksum.
Thanks for the help. But I think it's too much efforts for us now, as I would 
like to introduce some facilities for minimal installation. Also, I can re-use 
my "build system" for iso to make a minimal one, it's far easier and safe than 
"remasterys" the current one. I can't stop you to try this, but if you can wait 
a week (the time for me to go back to home), it will be available. 

> On a slightly different note, but to save me posting another email to you. I
> was asking ibuclaw about why the cd would fail self test, yet pass the other
> md5checksum test. Ibuclaw asked when you would be about, he was running
> through some stuff with me but it was way over my technical knowledge. He
> said that he could have a chat with you. As you know, Iain has already
> provided one patch to lubuntu (pcmanfm) and I count him as one of the 'nice
> people' I chat to on the 'official' ubuntu area.
> If you keep an eye on ##ufbt you will be able to see if he is logged on
> (yes, I have been given permission for you to stalk him on there).
I can't really help until I'll be back home, I'll contact him after that.

Best regards,
Julien Lavergne <gi...@ubuntu.com>

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