cd /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins; sudo ln -s

Should be ok.

Personally I use the .bin file from as all the systems I'd need
java on are 64bit. I then symlink the to the plugins folder and
it works.

Java and flash n Ubuntu all run at 32bit via a 64bit wrapper which I think
is horribly convoluted and ungraceful despite there being 64bit native
plugins available.


On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 9:22 AM, Carsten Agger <> wrote:

> I'm using Lubuntu 10.04 on my netbook, an Acer Aspire 110 with 512 megs of
> RAM, and it's generally a pleasure.
> I have one problem, though - the Java plugin seems not to be working in
> Chromium. I want to play Runescape, the MMORPG at
> What I'm getting is basically a blank (rather, black, the HTML background)
> page where the Java applet should be.
> I installed Java and the plugin by installing the
> "ubuntu-restricted-extras" package which pulled the openjdk and icedtea
> versions of Java and plugin. This works FINE in Firefox on Ubuntu 10.04 on
> my other computer.
> Anybody knows what's wrong or how to put it right? :-) Is there a problem
> with Java and Chromium? Maybe not, though - epiphany seems to give the
> same result (I won't install Firefox).
> br
> Carsten
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