On Mon, 13 Jun 2011, Sérgio Cipolla wrote:

Martin, you're the git specialist. But regarding releasing LXDE
components, maybe some could have a new release.

I guess they need that indeed. Haven't checked though.

LXTask had a memory leak fixed and was about to be released then nobody
talked about it anymore.

That's on my todo for the week, I posted[1] that I was swamped by other things. Did the git tag but lacked all the other parts to be able to release. The sitution has cleared up now and only remaining thing is to produce the tar file and upload it to SF.net. I guess it should be blogged and stuff but noone has written any release notes so I have to do that too, reading git log to find out what was done.

Most components have much improved translations since they were last
released and these could have a minor point release.

I am not opposing a "translation only" release, planning for such a thing might even bring attention to other things that need to get there. I am not skilled enough to make these decisions - just tell me that we should go to release and I handle the process.

Now an observation. In a constructive manner.
I see that Julien Lavergne is mostly the only one that has been working
on the apps but ideally, in a non technical opinion as I'm not a
programmer, I think that the master branch in git should be reserved for
bug fixes and pre-tested improvements.
Untested code (like these recent gtk3 compatibility commits that have
broken, for instance, lxpanel and lxterminal in a very basic way or
gpicview that has something that looks like a typo and makes it not even
compile) would be commited to another branch and then the commiter could
ask for testing in the mailing list.

The benefits for the workflow and for multiple contributions is evident.

Yes please, more testing and more contributions. I applaud.

I could make the buildbot produce the release tar files on successful builds if that would benefit people. I probably have to find how to make it build on updated git repos then. As it stands now I do the builds when I have time to watch them/as often as I get a "build needed" message from the Pootle server - a check is done every two hours during my "working hours" (7-24 CEST).

Ideas and thoughts about the process to make things more lean is appreciated. I am not a developer skilled enough to hack on the actual source code but I am more than willing to dig in and do processes and workflows and stuff like that. If I can do things in script it is even better.

[1] It's not available from the LXDE-list archives as that mailing list seem to have dropped of the Internet somehow mid May.

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