Thanks for the complete review, I'll try to answer each comments :

Le 26/09/2011 22:15, Ali Linx a écrit :
> 1- Try Lubuntu without installation does not work and drop you to CLI.
> Typing "*starx*"  command will take you to LXDE Desktop with LXDE
> wallpaper instead of Lubuntu Desktop. There is an icon on the LXDE
> Desktop to Install Lubuntu.
It would be very useful to provide more information about it, as it
seems to affect more people and more configuratiosn than I though.

> 4- Choose a Picture during the installation process simple does
> nothing. Even when I took a picture, it didn't show it on the preview
> small box. 
> <>
> Apparently, it's a new feature but I'm not sure how does it work?
It's currently not supported. How do you find to this screen using the
installer ?

> 5- "Removable Medium is inserted" pop-up window during installation.
> Not sure if that's a bug or something?!
> <>
It should not happen if you don't do anything like plug in a new media.
Is it reproducible ? Are you using a USB stick or a live CD ?

> 6- Continue Testing OR Reboot > Reboot > Please remove installation
> media and press Enter - Not Responding when Press Enter > Force Reboot
> - Ctrl+Alt+Del > "Press Enter to reboot msg" > Reboot Done.
> Not sure if that's an error or something but I recall I got the same
> with other LiveCD and other Distros, mainly Ubuntu-Based.
Yes, sometime it doesn't work, but it's safe to just reboot by hand.

> 7- Wallpapers are really nice and getting better. Good job :)
Thanks, we have great artists around here ;-)

> 8- Sometimes, the menu doesn't disappear even after making a
> selection:
> <>
> Clicking on the desktop does nothing. I had to go to menu and click
> there twice and then it disappeared.
That would be nice to have a test case, when it's always reproducible. I
can't currently reproduce it.

> 9- Looks like "Enable Networking" and "Enable Wireless" does
> nothing:
> <>
> It's not 'ticked' or 'selected'. Looks like a bug?
Seems a bug yes, but only a display bug. Is the network working for you ?

> 10- Customize Look and Feel > Window Border > No Preview
> <>
Thanks, bug reported :

> 11- Some apps are not installed. I suggest to include these apps.
> IMHO, I see it's good to have these:
> a- *numlockx*
It's not installed on Ubuntu also, and I'm not sure it's working nicely
with lxdm.

> b- *dnsmasq *(
> <>)
dnsmasq-base, which contains the dnsmasq program is installed by
default, its should be sufficient in this case.

> c- *GParted*
This one is for advanced usages, an average user should not have to
touch the partitions after the installation. Ubuntu do the same thing.
You can still install it after the installation.

> d- *Flash Player*
Proprietary software, we can't include it by default.

> 12- LSC installed:
> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa
> sudo apt-get update
> sudo apt-get install lubuntu-software-center
> I'm finding it a bit hard to deal with. For example, you need to
> Double Click on a Category and it takes sometime until the contents
> show up. Search Box is disabled until you choose a Category and that
> means if you don't know in which Category the application or program
> you want is included then you need to select "All". I was looking for
> Firefox to install but couldn't easily find it because I got many
> selections. Not to mention I got some Crash Error and it was asking to
> report this problem.
Please report the bugs directly under the LSC project :
The problem of the search box should be fixed in the last revision.

> 13- Crash Report sometimes with Chromium and PCManFM.
Some pcmanfm crashes have been identified, but ususally you should just
let apport reporting bugs.

> 14- I see too many themes, widget, etc are installed by default. I
> suggest (IMHO) to remove the extra themes and give users the choice to
> install these after installing Lubuntu 11.10 in case they want to.
> Perhaps PPA for all these extra themes? won't that reduce some size?
> perhaps I'm wrong and it's just a suggestion.
It's the themes by default for the theme engine, we can't currently
removed them. But it's not a problem of space, because themes here are
only text files (for configuration).

Julien Lavergne
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