Le 27/09/2011 10:25, Ali Linx a écrit :
>     3- I chose "Something Else" and created a new Partition (sda9)
>     with *_3.91GB_* from un-allocated disk space. Please note that I'm
>     Multi-Booting several Distros on this test PC. GRUB was installed
>     into sda9 not MBR (sda). Installation was smooth and errors-free.
> Apparently, Lubuntu 11.10 "can" be installed on less than 4GB HDD. I
> think I have read it somewhere that there is an error or bug because
> the installer require more than 4GB. Am I right? just thought to
> highlight this because this is important for those who wants to
> install Lubuntu on 4GB USB Drive.
Yes, it's a bug : http://pad.lv/819538
If it's not fixed for the final release, you will have to use the
alternate ISO if you have less than 4.0 Gb.

>     4- It's currently not supported. How do you find to this screen
>     using the installer ?
> If it's not supported, will this feature be included with the final
> release of Lubuntu 11.10?
> Sorry, what do you mean by "How do you find to this screen using the
> installer"???
Sorry, I mean, where do you find that screen ? In which step of the
installation did it appear ?

>     5- It should not happen if you don't do anything like plug in a
>     new media. Is it reproducible ? Are you using a USB stick or a
>     live CD ?
> I was installing from LiveCD.
> No, I haven't inserted anything. I was so surprised because that was
> my first time I see such message or pop-up window during the
> installation. 
> Reproducible? shall I re-install Lubuntu 11.10? I got it during the
> installation process which has already begun and I'm not quite sure
> whether I'll get it or not. I did not get it on my 2nd and 3rd test on
> the other PC (I'll send an email about it later today hopefully).
Hum, I done many installations, but never having this problem :-/ I'll
try to do some testing next time I install Lubuntu to see if I can
reproduce it.

>     7- Thanks, we have great artists around here ;-)
> Indeed he's great. It would be great too if more wallpapers can be
> added? say total 12 instead of 6 maybe?
We plan to add more artwork, but not by default. It should be a package
available which have more artwork for Lubuntu.

>     9- Seems a bug yes, but only a display bug. Is the network working
>     for you ?
> Yes, on this PC, my Wireless Connection is working and my Wired
> Connection too. I'm connected to the internet via Range Extender
> through Wireless Network. 
> I did a simple testing while I'm writing this reply:
> - Right Click on the Connections Icon showed this
> screen: http://ubuntuforums.org/picture.php?albumid=2432&pictureid=8204 
> <http://ubuntuforums.org/picture.php?albumid=2432&pictureid=8204>
> - Ticked "*Enable Networking*" and Ticked "*Enable Wireless*".
> http://ubuntuforums.org/picture.php?albumid=2432&pictureid=8212
> <http://ubuntuforums.org/picture.php?albumid=2432&pictureid=8212>
> - I un-checked/un-ticked "*Enable Networking*" and Ticked "*Enable
> Wireless*". My Networks got disconnected. I Ticked "*Enable
> Networking*" and Ticked "*Enable Wireless*" yet again and connections
> back to work.
> So I think you are right. It's a display bug but it's confusing.
> Shall I log a bug report?
Yes please, I'm sure the network-manager will have a look at it if you
document it like this :)

>     10 - Thanks, bug reported
>     : 
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxappearance-obconf/+bug/860105
> You most welcome :)
> It seems that you have the same issue. I just read the bug and I
> noticed it's amd64 not i386. Shall I add my notes on the same bug report?
No, I'm pretty sure it's the same on both :)

>     13- Some pcmanfm crashes have been identified, but ususally you
>     should just let apport reporting bugs.
> You mean "Send Crash Report"? I did that already but it didn't work,
> didn't send anything. Yes, I was connected to the internet. 
> Some screenshots will be useful? please let me know what shall I do
> and I'll gladly do it :)
Yes, it should collect all the information we need.

Julien Lavergne
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