As I mentioned it before ksysguard is the only tool that gives numbers that are reasonable. The other way would be going into /proc and check it manually

-- Gesendet von meinem HP Veer

Am 12.11.2011 21:49 schrieb amjjawad HOOHAA <>:

Hi everyone,

Being little sick and having problems with sleeping, I wasn't able to do much regarding the test. Above all, I'm having different readings using some of the tools which have been mentioned here. I'm not sure what to do? each tool is having different readings than the other. I'm mainly using LXTask and GNOME System Monitor. Each one is showing different process for example LXTask is showing 3 process for Chromium while GNOME System Monitor is showing 5. Firefox as always will be shown as one process or two sometimes (plugin-container).

I think there must be a better efficient tool to do this benchmark. I don't think it should be done manually.

I'll keep looking ...


Just thought to update you about that.

On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 11:52 PM, amjjawad HOOHAA <> wrote:

With all due respect to EVERYONE, I'm not sure if this debate/discussion/argument is even healthy or not any more?
I know we, as Lubuntu Team Members, must discuss between us first of all but we must not forget about one simple fact ... USERS have the louder voice IMHO. I do believe that such choice must first be made by users. I mean, they should agree about that.

EVERYONE, and I mean everyone on Ubuntu Forum is asking us to keep Lubuntu as it's and to improve it to be even better BUT NOT TO follow Ubuntu's Steps.
Everyone is aware that Mint is Rank 1 now on Distrowatch. Who knows what could happen? Do you guys know how many users has moved from Ubuntu to Lubuntu? I almost see 5-10 every day. I'm ready to do a survey and see how many actually moved to Lubuntu and will start that today, at least for my own information.

I downloaded Fedora 16 LXDE today because I'm having Multi-Boot machine with many LXDE Distributions to compare between them. It has Firefox by default, not Chromium. This is FYI not FYA.

I suggest instead of spending some time discussing about that, why not do some tests and send the report via mailing list?

As many already mentioned, it's "apt-get install" and mission accomplished.
IMHO, there are a lot to talk about rather than Firefox VS Chromium talk.

I'm out of this discussion and going to do two things and get back to you:

1- I'll do my test and send it via mailing list.
2- I'll write my suggestions regarding 12.04 on my thread and send it to everyone.

I don't mean to be rude here at all, just stating my humble opinion and I could be wrong but that's my point after all. Disagree but don't disrespect is my motto :)


On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 8:46 PM, Leszek Lesner <> wrote:
Am 09.11.2011 15:55, schrieb A. Andjelkovic:
> Let's not think in terms of "This is what I would prefer" but rather "This
> is what a user on a low spec machine would prefer".
Isn't that the same ?
I am running Chromium here on a 800 Mhz ARM Cortex A8 with 256 MB RAM.
I guess that is a low machine.
If you get to even lower hardware than both browsers feel slugish.

> Let's not start a war here... I don't want to be rude, but please keep such
> personal opinions out of this discussion.

If you only choose software on the base of how much ram they use on
ancient hardware then you will definitely fail in delivering a good user
experience. Personal opinions matter a lot if they are supported by good
And no I don't want to start a war here. I just want to discuss the
advantages and disadvantages of both browsers.
Google Chrome != Chromium

> Firefox might do that in the future also, but it costs memory to
> sandbox each browser tab. And I believe Chromium cheats: when
> available memory gets too low, tabs begin sharing the same process so
> it's a bit harder to know what's really going on.

At least from the user perspective you have still the advantage that one
tab cannot crash the whole browser.

> While I'm not a Google-hater, I think it's very important for the free
> web that Mozilla continues to exist. Since Mozilla is a bit more open
> than Chromium and multiple steps more open than Android, I think open
> source fans should consider supporting Firefox if the features are
> nearly equal, which in my opinion they are. This is why I hope Firefox
> continues to remain the Ubuntu default browser. Since Lubuntu has
> different constraints in choosing default apps, I'll let Julien and
> the Lubuntu devs make their own evaluation. Both browsers are fully
> supported in Ubuntu (Canonical is looking to hire someone who can help
> maintain Chromium).

I really don't think that if Lubuntu would ship Chromium instead of
Firefox it will hurt Mozilla soo much that they have to fear their
And to be clear here, if we would to have choose a non free vs. a free
software then I would also argue its definitely better to promote the
free software. But in our case we have to made a choice between two free
software products.

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My Actions Speak Louder Than My Words || I walk by faith, not by sight || Imagination is more important than Knowledge || Keep It Simple and Short

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