On 11/5/11 5:51 PM, Julien Lavergne wrote:
- We should only consider Chromium or Firefox, because they have a strong 
upstream and are well maintained.
agreed. i wouldn't suggest anything else tho there are other, more lightweight, options.
Browser is a very important part of a system, and we really don't have time to 
do maintenance on it. Adopting Midori for example, means we have to do the 
maintenance on Ubuntu (triage bugs, testing, maybe some packaging ...).
if we really wanted to go lightweight, we'd do w3m or dillo or something. lubuntu is light, but not THAT light :)
- Benchmark are needed, because just saying it's light, doesn't mean it's 
always light. Also, the memory usage for Chromium is special, because it shares 
memory (there is an article from a dev of Chromium somewhere in the Web which 
explain it).
i have had better luck with chromium when resources are a limited. i've seen what appear to be memory leaks in firefox that they always claim is due to some plugin though other browsers don't have this same problem. chromium of course sandboxes each process/plugin, so this is usually not a session-wide issue if you will.

despite that, i'm a firefox user. for one, i've got a ppc machine (though i'm installing on a thinkpad now) which means that anything but chromium is the only option. secondly, there are some plugins i would really miss. i've tried a couple times to move away (especially after experiencing webkit which seems to work a heck of a lot better overall), but i keep coming back.

despite all this, the user has the option of changing whatever they want at any time. so then comes the question of the target audience..
- Finally, it needs to be light on old hardware. Remember, it's the main target 
for Lubuntu. So far, Chromium seems better on this type of machine.
to which i must say, exactly.

but yeah, we should benchmark it.


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