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2011/11/17 神癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna) <>

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> Of course I'm serious. My priorities, right now, are achieving a perfect
> integration with Ubuntu in almost all aspects of Lubuntu identity,
> including brand marks, colour specs, design lines, advertising (if any),
> social networks presence, etc. Also, a good entrance, such as a good
> website is, could do the downloading process more easy for end-users. In
> case of Lubuntu Team, that's not me, is Canonical who adverted that we must
> be close to them (you can check the design LInes published at
> All of this makes TOO a good distro, not only the code. And I must be
> clear about I'm not deprecating the coder's work, but you must admit that
> design is always the last everybody think in for everything, and that's a
> big mistake. Ok, an icon is a tiny thing, but I'm trying to make the
> Lubuntu image rock solid and homogeneous for three years, with not too much
> success, I must to say.
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