HI Rafael,

cool. Do you have a draft of the mockup?

The current site is based on the Ubuntu Drupal theme. It seems this project
is not so active anymore and there are better theme options.

Currently, we have a few people who have admin access and can change
things. It seems though that the theme has several bugs and every time
someone changes something there are broken links or images do not work. It
is a quite boring task to fix that again and again.

So, I want to throw the theme "over board" and implement a completely new
theme: light, fast and clearly integrated. Looking forward to receive your
ideas for the mockup.

- Mario

2011/11/18 神癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna) <rafaellag...@gmail.com>

> **
> That's right, this is the right place for discussions about the distro.
> And I dont want anybody be angry of my words (in fact, it was a bit a joke
> for Mario). But I'm still thinking that we must be stronger and graphic
> design or advertising are powerful tools for that purpose. And, I'd like to
> use this mailing thread to anounce a few things I've got in mind, and I
> need your opinion.
> - a design / graphics / publishing line cheat is under development (like
> Kubuntu or Ubuntu's) for those things like signatures, wallpapers,
> stickers, and other things that doesn't really fit in marketing (or maybe
> yes) and make it distributable for you all (this includes presentation
> templates, mail signatures, etc).
> - a lubuntu.net mockup is almost ready, but I don't really know if we can
> change that. And that's not all, the idea for this is providing a nice set
> of mirrors, or at  least, being more concrete about where and what to
> download. A lot of users were confused.
> That's all, for the moment. What do you think?
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