Hello all,
I would like to tell my story about my experience with Lubuntu and the
LXDE Desktop.

I've been using Ubuntu since around middle 2009, on a variety of
hardware-Dell P4 towers with 9.04 and 9.10, ThinkPad T23 with 10.04,
custom Phenom II X4 with 10.10 thru 11.10. I loved using Ubuntu, and
Linux in general over Windows XP, and was amazed with the free network
tools that you can obtain. However, I had noticed that GNOME 2.x used
a lot of system resources, around 380 MB of RAM on average. I didn't
mind so much then. But after 11.04 introduced the new Unity interface,
it threw me off and I never really adjusted to it. And GNOME 3 hasn't
helped performance at all, and removed some features. I tried the KDE
desktop for a while, but never really got used to it, and it seemed to
use a lot of RAM also.

So I became a bit frustrated, trying to find and adjust to a suitable
new desktop, and finding all ate my limited RAM up quickly. I began to
look at solutions such as Puppy Linux, but they didn't offer quite the
same Ubuntu experience, software, and interface organization. Then I
heard about Lubuntu this holiday season, after Canonical recognized it
as an official project.

It looked like my issues were solved, so I quickly downloaded it and
started to use it. It has turned out to work great for all I need to
do with a graphical desktop, and all the command line tools work of
course. Plus the learning curve from GNOME 2.x to LXDE is not very
steep. It uses about 180 MB of RAM, which is very reasonable. In fact,
I have been able to install Lubuntu on some older computers that I
would be unable to run GNOME on.

This has been a great Christmas gift for me, and I would like to just
say thank you to all of the LXDE developers, Lubuntu developers, and
of course PCMan, who started the LXDE desktop. I will be recommending
Lubuntu to everyone looking for a fast GNU/Linux distro, and look
forward to using it for a long time!

Thank you all again,


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