as far as I know, ALSA is working, but ALSA can only accept audio input from 
one stream. So 
if e.g. you are playing music via media player, Firefox can't play a YouTube 
video with audio.

Pulseaudio is kind of a wrapper for ALSA, that allows the OS to play sound from 
sources and to multiple sound devices. So it is:
audio source (e.g. VLC) -> Pulseaudio -> ALSA -> sound device
So you need ALSA in order to have sound. You can alternatively try JACK (http://
jackaudio.org/) instead of Pulseaudio but it's specifically made for audio 
professionals such 
as DJs etc. Afaik ALSA is in Linux the "base of sound" if you say so.

Please correct me, if I'm wrong, but that's what I get.

Best regards,

On Montag, 19. September 2016 20:08:49 CEST Marlon Ng wrote:
> Hello guys.  I was just wondering if installing Pulseaudio Volume Control
> is really necessary to have sound in a Lubuntu system.
> The default is ALSA Mixer, correct?  When I was started using Lubuntu and
> there was no sound, someone told me to install Pulseaudio, and I have been
> using Pulseaudio ever since, it is one of the first things I install in
> order to have sound.
> My question is, is it really necessary? Isn't there a way to make ALSA
> mixer work? Because if it doesn't work, then why is it always bundled with
> Lubuntu?
> Thanks!
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