Doug Cutting wrote:
The calls would look like:

new Field("name", "value", Stored.YES, Indexed.NO, Tokenized.YES);

Stored could be implemented as the nested class:

public final class Stored {
  private Stored() {}
  public static final Stored YES = new Stored();
  public static final Stored NO = new Stored();

Actually, while we're at it, Indexed and Tokenized are confounded. A single entry would be better, something like:

public final class Index {
  private Index() {}
  public static final Index NO = new Index();
  public static final Index TOKENIZED = new Index();
  public static final Index UN_TOKENIZED = new Index();

then calls would look like just:

new Field("name", "value", Store.YES, Index.TOKENIZED);

BTW, I think Stored would be better named Store too.

BooleanQuery's required and prohibited flags could get the same treatment, with the addition of a nested class like:

public final class Occur {
  private Occur() {}
  public static final Occur MUST_NOT = new Occur();
  public static final Occur SHOULD = new Occur();
  public static final Occur MUST = new Occur();

and adding a boolean clause would look like:

booleanQuery.add(new TermQuery(...), Occur.MUST);

Then we can deprecate the old methods.



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