Sanyi writes:
> > If there's a bug, it should be tracked down, not worked around...
> Sure, but I'm working with 20million records and it takes about 25 hours to 
> re-index, so I'm
> looking for ways that doesn't require reindexing.
why reindex?

> My code was:
>       WildcardTermEnum wcenum = new WildcardTermEnum(reader, term);
>       while ( {
>               terms.add(new WeightedTerm(termgroup,wcenum.term().text()));
>               //System.out.println(wcenum.term().text());
>       }
> And it skipped lots of things it shouldn't have skipped.

As stated at the end of my mail, I'd expect that to skip the first
term in the enum.
Is that, what you miss or do you loose more than one term?


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