> why reindex?

Well, since I had different experiences with different analyzers I've tried, I 
thougt that this
problem must origin from either the indexing or a lucene bug.

> As stated at the end of my mail, I'd expect that to skip the
> first term in the enum.

Yes, this must be a problem for me, since I took this sentence from the manual 
as the starting
"Returns the current Term in the enumeration. Initially invalid, valid after 
next() called for the
first time."

So, it seems that it was a bug in the docs, not the api itself.

> Is that, what you miss or do you loose
> more than one term?

It seemed to me that it was skipping more stuff, but I'd better not say this, 
since I didn't know
that the term is valid even before the first next(), so I could've been 
misleaded by my own
chaotic experiences.

Since my code was completly restructured since then, I don't have all the 
surrounging stuff needed
for further testing.

Anyway, we've found a docs bug thanks to you and my code is cleaner and better 
the other way.


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