I am pleased to announce that version 0.5 of LIMO, the Lucene Index Monitor, 
has been released.

LIMO is a web application that allows you to browse your Lucene indexes 
remotely. It is an ideal companion for Lucene applications that run in a 
servlet container.

The 0.5 release adds some cool new features such as:

* More index summary statistics, including index version number, deletion 
status, number of documents, number of fields, number of indexed fields, and 
number of unindexed fields.
* Querying the index.
* Display expanded wild card and range queries (using Query.rewrite) with term 
count so you can see how many terms a complex query is expanded to. This is 
particularly helpful if you are trying to track down an annoying TooManyClauses 
* Query timing to show how expensive queries are.
* Estimated query memory consumption (as given by the formula in this message: 
http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/[EMAIL PROTECTED]&msgId=1757461).
* Query result count.
* Query result explanation.
* Stored field reconstruction as in Luke.
* Highlighting of matching terms in search results and reconstructed documents 
using Mark Harwood's library.

LIMO requires Java 1.4 or later and a servlet container.

Download it from SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/limo/ 

LIMO is still ready to go out of the box (er, war file). Just edit the web.xml 
to point LIMO to your indexes.

Thanks to Julien Nioche for starting a great and very useful project and 
letting me join it; and to Andrzej Bialecki for Luke from which I appropriated 
several ideas and his GrowableStringArray class. If you are interested in 
getting involved, LIMO is now available in SourceForge CVS.

Luke Francl

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