Re James - yes he has consistently been one of the top contributors in any 
measurement for a number of years. ORNL appears on the right hand graphic and I 
think that the label is just covered by another label on the left hand graphic 
- the formatting of those labels is very fiddly. The scripts run to extract 
this data do also generate NOC and I have shown that data as well in the past 
but I condensed due to wanting to cover other topics in limited space. I hope 
that James will forgive me this oversight!


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    Hi, Ken.  Thanks for sharing these.
    Peter, I have a question and a comment/suggestion for you about the "Lustre 
2.13 Contributions" pie charts.  For the LINES OF CODE contributors, I don't 
see ORNL.  I've got to figure that there must be some oversight.  I'm sure that 
James Simmons alone contributed many things to 2.13.  Surely, enough to break 
out of the "Other" category all on his own, right?  Then, maybe just a helpful 
suggestion: at the next update could you please also tell us about `# of 
commits` (per organization)?  I tend to think that commit count is more often a 
more useful metric than LOC.
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< on behalf of> wrote:
        Hi Thomas,
        An aggregated version of the slides is available at:
        There were some challenges combining them in a way that works in all 
PDF viewers. If there are any issues with rendering, please let me know and we 
can make the individual decks available as well.
        Are the slides presented during the bof in Denver available somewhere?
        I'm specifically looking for one of the sites presentation that gave 
some feedback about DoM.
        Thomas Hamel
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