Hello to all guys,

    Two days ago I was  able to do nylgut heavier

   So I made  am little batch of strings just for some tests

   These samples are,  at present, of graphite's grey  colour ( due to the
   metallic powder  I used to charge Nylgut); however I will  do some
   changes in the colour.

   A few observations:

   1)  a 1,14 mm diameter string is equivalent to a 1.36 gut string. This
   mean that the loaded nylgut is virtually able to  cover  till the 6
   course on renaissance lutes. Or on 6 & 7th fetted courses on long
   theorboes ( that often need wound strings). I tried  the loaded nylgut
   like classical guitar 3rd with good results. I wonder how they work on
   the 13 till 14th long theorbo diapasons

   My job is not at the end: I still need to change some extruder's
   paramethers just to  obtain the best performances. If things will work
   in the proper way maybe there is , soon, a new alternative to
   fluorocarbon and wound strings for the 4, 5 6th courses, lond
   diapasons  etc.

   My best regards

   Mimmo Peruffo


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