On 06/03/2018 23:02, Peter Martin wrote:
Easyjet's musical instrument policy includes:
    Musical instruments  are permitted for carriage as Hand Baggage
    provided that the instrument, including its case, does not exceed 30cm
    x 120cm x 38cm.
    That should cover a renaissance lute or a baroque guitar.   Has anyone
    tried this recently, and does it work OK?

Hi Peter,

I have flown with EasyJet between France and the UK on countless occasions with lutes of all sizes, up to and including a swan-neck 13-course (although that was several years ago and I probably wouldn't try my luck nowadays) and I have always been able to put them in the overhead lockers. I purchase Speedy Boarding (or their current equivalent) to make sure I am one of the first people on the plane. This is less expensive than an extra-seat. Travelling on a plane with an instrument (or somebody elses's!) is rarely enjoyable or totally stress-free and I have often had members of the ground staff trying to cause me problems but up until now (my last trip was under a year ago) it has always worked out.

There is a European resolution on the carriage of musical instruments on planes but it is rather vaguely worded, probably to let the airlines companies have the last say, but I have a copy of it on my smartphone to show any disgruntled EasyJet employee in the hope that it will be persuasive.

Good luck!



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