Am Mittwoch, 11. April 2018 22:36 CEST, Jurgen Frenz 
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>    Hello there,
>    another thread on this list motivated me to ask - the title of
>    Valderrabano's publication "Silva de Sirenas" renders if latin was the
>    source language "Arctic Forest" which I would find hard to believe and
>    _nothing_ when setting Google translate to Spanish as source.
>    artic google.png
>    Hence my suspicion that 500 year old Spanish was using words
>    differently. But what does the title mean in English (German/French)
>    today? Would anybody know?

Pretty much _every_ 500 year old language used words differenty :-)
Even 150 year is more than enough to change the meaning of words.
As for Valderrabano: I'd translate that as 'forrest of the sirens' i.e. those
mythological creatures that lured sailors into dangerous cliffs by means
of their beautiful singing.

 HTH RalfD


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