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> wrote:
> We already established that Lasso was a serious composer, and that serious 
> does not mean stick up his ass.

We established that you don’t know the meaning of the English word “serious.”  

> I asked what adjective you wish to apply to describe Lasso.

You did not.

I told you that “serious” did not mean “stick up his ass,” and you then 
apologized for being German (presumably meaning that your understanding of 
English was limited) and asked "what word would you choose?”  This clearly did 
not refer to Lassus, but to “stick up his ass.”  It may not have been what you 
meant, but it is what you said.  I gave you a list of potential synonyms, which 
I thought quite helpful.  

If I thought you wanted a one-word description of Lassus, I would not have 
responded.  A great, and extremely prolific, composer, cannot be summed up in 
an adjective. 

> I suggested dedicated, which can also imply dedication to humor once in a 
> while.

This makes no sense.  You’re saying that if you tell me Lassus was a 
“dedicated” composer, I should assume you mean he was dedicated to humor once 
in a while? I would assume no such thing.  “Dedicated” implies the opposite, 
inasmuch as it connotes single-mindedness.

Let me suggest that we don’t burden the list with any more of this.  Email me 
privately if, for some reason, you want to continue this discussion.

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