Perhaps this helps:

Antonio de Cabezón (1570) has published a set of variations
(diferencias) called "La dama le demanda" in his OBRAS DE MUSICA PARA
TECLA, ARPA Y VIHUELA (1570):,_Antonio_de%29#IMSLP330520

Anton Högler has intavolated this in 2012 see [LUTE] archive, 2012-01-25

Also the ground of his "Diferencias sobre la pavana italiana" is very

According to Maurice Esses, a quite similar (but not identical)
harmonic-metric scheme "is found in a lute piece by Becchi, published
in Venice in 1568, called Madama mi domanda" (Esses 1992: p.629)

Maurice Esses (1992): Dance and instrumental diferencias in Spain
during the 17th and early 18th centuries. Volume I: History and
background, music and dance. New York: Pendragon Press.

Den lör 10 aug. 2019 kl 18:35 skrev Rainer <>:
> This doesn't help you but may be intersting:
> The piece already appears (decades before Arbeau) in the organ tablature book 
> of  Jan  von  Lublin under the title "Zaklolam  szÿa  tharnem" (??).
> It also appears in the so-called "Fitzwilliam Virginal Book" as "Corranto." 
> on page 327 set by Byrd.
> This version also appears in the Hirsch Lute Book f. 10v
> and in the Kassel lute book (discussed a few day ago) f. 4r "Courante"
> Rainer
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> >     Dear all,
> >     does anybody know any lute version of »Belle qui tiens ma vie « 
> > (Thinot
> >     Arbeau)?
> >     Thanks
> >     Jörg
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