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> _But_ that is completely unrelated to pdnsd.

ah, my mistake.  i assumed he was talking about powerdns.

> http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Network_Other/dns-servers.html

good page that, i've read it before but not for some time. IMO a useful
addition to it would be a list of authoritative servers that use bind9
RFC-1034 zonefiles.

apart from "it aint broke, why fix it?" laziness, one of the reasons i'm
still using bind9 is because I don't want to rewrite my zone files in
a new format (or even have to learn a new format), and I haven't been
overly happy with the few alternatives I've tried that could use bind

 - powerdns is serious overkill for my needs (home server with only a
   few domains).

 - last time i looked at it (years ago, not long after it was released),
   there were some incompatibilities between NSD's interpretation of
   bind zonefiles and bind9's interpretation.  Also, I didn't want to
   have to run two name servers (internet-facing authoritative and
   private LAN recursive) - although dnsproxy or similar could solve
   that problem now. it's probably worth another look.

 - maradns provides a conversion tool for bind zonefiles, but doesn't use
   them natively.  otherwise, i'd probably switch to it.   I've used it
   several times on gateway boxes i've built for other people.


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