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> Interesting.  I've been wondering how difficult it would be to use some IP
> enabled switches to control home energy use.  If you had a meter on the
> main
> power that reports the power use to a Linux system then you could have it
> turn
> off non-essential devices and make your PCs stop running BOINC if power
> use is
> too high.

Hrrmm.. Well, the smart meters in Victoria are supposed to use the "Zigbee
Power" version 1 protocol.

I know that for the distribution company within the area I reside (Jemena),
I need only log into their portal (which also allows me to browse my power
usage data online up to four hours ago at an hourly resolution or so, and
to download a CSV that has data going back to when the meter was
installed), specify the MAC address and installer code of the Zigbee device
I wish to pair with my meter, and then that device can receive information
from my smart meter.

This is primarily for "in home displays", but presumably there's gotta be a
device that's linux friendly out there that talks Zigbee Power v1?
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