I am a linux hobbyist.  
I have been using postgis for a while, at a hobby level,
to provide data for web pages and for QGIS.

I am reasonably confident  writing sql statements, and being able to
find the information I need to get the data I am after.

There are two areas I have been unable to find information on:

*  Writing sql / script files
*  Structuring tables either within a database, or on a server

The particular problems I have are:

*  I regularly update my tables from multiple csv files, all residing in
  the same folder. Currently I have a script with a hardwired path for
  each csv file. I would like to have a single 'variable' I could
  change to define the path to all the csvs.

*  I have a database which I have decided should contain three types of
   table  - core definitions / lookups, - raw data and - derived data
   for specific tasks.  I would like to create separate areas in the
   database / (server?) for each table type, or learn of other
   options for how the tables could be structured.

I am NOT looking for specific answers to these problems, but rather
some teaching / groundwork information about relational databases /
sql / postgis concepts.

I have seen training videos / websites covering writing queries and on
database security, but cannot find anything on script files, or
database structure.  I suspect wrong terminology and poor google skills are to 

Can anyone suggest web sites etc that provide information on either /
both of these two topics?

With thanks
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