Debian has an older version of the game Warzone 2100, which among other things 
means that it misses the ability to use some data files developed for newer 
versions, the ability to have multiplayer games with Windows users (who 
download the latest version) and whatever features there are in the new 

The DDs responsible for the package haven't had time to package the newer 
version.  NB this is no criticism of them, there are plenty of packages I 
haven't had time to maintain properly.

I've done some work on packaging the latest version.

One issue is that I get the Qt related error described in the latest update to 
the above bug when I build the latest version.  This error happens after the 
main binary is compiled, it's in a test program.  Before you ask, I am not 
planning on removing tests from Debian packages.

The attachment to that update has my latest files for the Debian package.  If 
you download the attachment you can build warzone2100 on Debian/Unstable and 
most likely get the same Qt error I get.

When I run the binary produced I find that it has every object that is movable 
(units and walls) move to random angles in 3D.  Basically you have tanks 
breakdancing.  I don't even know where to start debugging this, I've never 
done graphics programming on anything more advanced than a Z80.

Would anyone like to help with this?

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