On Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 05:51:58AM -0800, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Craig Sanders (c...@taz.net.au):
> > The domain itself needs, at minimum, an SOA record, two or more NS records,
> > and an MX record.
> [...]
> This is very good, Craig.   (I would want to also include appropriate SPF
> TXT RRs.)

feel free to re-use it however you like.

I actually deleted the SPF records from my example as being "not necessary for
a minimal zone".

> > $ORIGIN example.com
> > $TTL 86400
> ITYM '$ORIGIN example.com.'

yep. this zonefile comes with some free bonus carelessness :)

> So, personally, I would always ask my ISP to set an appropriate reverse in
> the applicable *.in-addr.arpa zone.  (For these purposes, it's not
> necessary to have the .in-addr.arpa namespace delegated, just set
> appropriately.)

So would I if I was ever in a situation where I had to beg for it. And some
ISPs will even fulfil such a request.

(and delegating a .in-addr.arpa zone for less than a /24 is moderately
difficult and extremely rare.  Some ISPs will do it, most don't even know it's
possible. and moѕt who do know it's possible put it in the too much hassle


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