Based on a reference design for lwIP http webserver from Xilinx I am sending POST messages from my PC to my development board (Zynq SoC).

I am also able to transfer images from my video buffer from the board to the PC. It works but I am unsure about how this is done correctly.

The messages need to be stored in a buffer befor send over lwIP. Since I already have a tripple frame buffer for my video stream, it certainly would be conveniant to point to that data directly instead of copying it to another location. Therefore I generated the HTTP message header imediately before the video frame buffer. I found that I cannot send the entire image frame with a single tcp_write(). When I send it with multiple calls I need to generate the header every time, which is overriding the pixel data in my buffer. This is not a problem for me, but I wonder if I should rather use a seperate DMA, instead.

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