It's easy to create a "LAN" for LXD containers on a single LXD server - just attach them to the same bridge, use the same subnet (i.e. - done. Containers can communicate with each other using their private IP address.

However, with more then one LXD server *not* in the same LAN (i.e. two LXD servers in different datacentres), the things get tricky.

Is anyone using such setups, with multiple LXD servers and containers being able to communicate with each other?

LXD1: IP, Europe    LXD2: IP, Asia
container1,     container4,
container2,     container5,
container3,     container6,


While I can imagine setting up many OpenVPN tunnels between all LXD servers (LXD1-LXD2, LXD1-LXD3, LXD2-LXD3) and constantly adjusting the routes as containers are stopped/started/migrated, it's a bit of a management nightmare. And even more so if the number of LXD servers grows.

Hints, discussion?

Tomasz Chmielewski
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