Hello folks,

I have built an experimental, interactive CLI tool (extremely Alpha)
that makes it possible to share .deb packages between containers in a
hierarchical order.

What this means is that if you are running 10 Ubuntu containers (for
example), you can just update 1 container and share the updated .deb
packages across the other 9 (reducing bandwidth usage). You can do all
this from the host.

Alternative solutions include:

- apt-cacher-ng
- apt-clone

If anybody would like to test (ideally testing package-sharing for
LXC-containers within an LXC container), please let me know.

Also, please indicate how I can share the files. It is 2 Python files
and 1 example.json file (can I just attach them to the mailing list email?).

For any questions, suggestions, etc. feel free to discuss here.


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