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> Hi Everyone,
> I'm probably not fully grasping how LXC containers/snapshotting works, but
> why isn't the following possible?
> *Host* *Container*
> *Monday*
> *Tuesday*
> *Wed*
> *Thurs*
> H1
> C1 (fresh Ubuntu)
> SA (added apache)
> SB (removed apache and added nginx)
> SC (hardened nginx config)
> Host dies
> H2
> C2 (created from C1 Snapshot B)
> SC (with hardened nginx config)
> On Tuesday, I snapshot C1 (creating SB) and stop the container. I then
> jump on a new host (H2) and copy snapshot B:
> *H2$  * lxc copy H1:C1/SB C2
> At this point, my C2 is equivalent to C1 + SA + SB. Thus, I believe that
> C1 + SA + SB = C2
> On Wednesday, I take Snapshot C on H1.
> I believe that on Wednesday, after taking SC, I should be able to copy SC
> *alone* to H2. And then on Thursday, when H1 dies, I should be able to go
> to H2 and launch SC (C2 + SC) and have the same container I had on H! when
> I first took Snapshot C.
> If I'm wrong, why am I wrong? If I'm right, how do I copy SC by itself
> (and not the whole container) to H2 on Wednesday?

I'm pretty sure lxc doesn't do incremental snapshots.

To get what you want, you need to manage the storage snapshots (and
incremental send) yourself. For example, if using zfs, you can use sanoid +

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