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Confirmed, removing netplan solves the problem.

Thanks for the hint.


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    Thanks for the clue. Looking into this.


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        it's not a bug, it is a feature

        man netplan

Netplan doesn't get rid of the "pesky DHCP IP".

Currently there's a bug in ifconfig, which fails to report the DHCP IP.

The only way (till the ifconfig bug is fixed) you can view all IPs via...

   ip addresses (container level)

   lxc list     (machine level)

Likely good for you to read many posts about the purpose of the DHCP IP
inside containers.

If you do destroy this IP (in netplan - rm -f /etc/netplan/50*), then
you'll produces subtle packet routing breakage when trying to communicate
between containers (yes even if they have public IPs).
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