On 05/27/2012 10:37 PM, Derek Simkowiak wrote:
>/the subsequent rm -rf $rootfs/

Could you elaborate on this? The lxc-destroy is not supposed to rm -rf the root filesystem, is it?

What if I had data in there I wanted to copy to a new LXC rootfs I'm building?

Unless I have misunderstood something, doing an rm -rf is a horrible idea. Virt-Manager and VirtualBox do not remove your .vmdk disk image when you "destroy" a virtual machine.

It does:

if out=$(btrfs subvolume list "$lxc_path/$lxc_name/rootfs" 2>&1); then
        out=$(btrfs subvolume delete "$lxc_path/$lxc_name/rootfs" 2>&1) ||
                echo "WARN: failed btrfs subvolume delete: $out"
# recursively remove the container to remove old container configuration
rm -rf --preserve-root $lxc_path/$lxc_name

lxc_path=/var/lib/lxc is hardcoded (at least in Ubuntu).

If custom path is in use, then the container is not touched.

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