You are correct -- OS is Ubuntu, running LXDE.  Thank you for the
explanation.  Interesting that the fix is in other distros, but not Debian
or Ubuntu yet.

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 2:07 PM Andrej N. Gritsenko <>

>     Hello!
> RDH has written on Sunday, 18 September, at 12:39:
> >Is there a way to animate a launch icon on the lxde panel?
> >Running lxde on an older netbook and there is a delay when clicking a
> >launch icon on the panel and the actual opening of the application.  It
> >would be helpful if the icon did a simple animation for positive feedback
> >that I actually clicked it.
> >Is there a configuration setting in lxde or openbox that can implement
> this?
> Actually that animation should be done by startup notification mechanics
> (so cursor becomes rotating) but unfortunately that notification still is
> broken in Openbox in Debian and Ubuntu, despite fix was found long time
> ago. I think your OS is either Debian or Ubuntu, right?
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>     Andriy.
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