Quoth Mr David Woolley: 'Given that clause 3(7)(l) of their
terms of use forbids downloading and storing contents, why is it so
important that the correct title is shown?'
        I look at the title.

        'Is your issue with the titles in the embedded SVG
(e.g. "Twitter icon").'

        'This was discussed on this list in the past month.'
        Yes, and unresolved.

        'I can't remember whether or not there was a work around, but
it is likely the result of Lynx not creating a document object model,
but rather rendering, on the fly, using heuristics.'
        I don't understand what difference this makes.  lynx chooses a
title: it can choose the first instead of the last.

        I ask for information; I already customize lynx; I ask for a
pointer to help me patch it myself more easily.

russell bell

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