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People need to stop with this "We're sorry, you need to enable
Javascript to view this" malarkey.  It strikes me as lazy programming
and I don't know why web designers can't generate this stuff server-side
when it's just a blog or info page that I'm trying to view.

I don't expect to be able to use an app such as Google Maps in Lynx.
But a news article or the info page about a company - I should
absolutely be able to view that in Lynx.

As far as I can tell, every web site built in Wix is completely blank
to a non-JavaScript browser.  Here's a piece of irony:


It's allegedly a blog post entitled "The Story of Making Wix Accessible".
It is of course completely blank in a non-JavaScript browser (Lynx shows
a couple of useless links but apart from that it's blank).

(Sorry for the interruption, normal programming resumes shortly)


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