Actually I am glad you posted this.
What happens when I follow that link is that two items labeled as alternate appear. They are incorrectly labeled links to the blog post. If I chose one though I am taken in a circle. That anyone is misleading the public with a suggesting that wix is accessible is a shame indeed. Not only do pages not display in lynx, but in links and e-links which can have some Javascript aspects the pages do not work either. Cannot contact them to share the problem...which may be why they are thinking there is not one. I resonate with our stance. There is no reason why informational sites should not work in lynx. Certainly news sources should, absolutely a public library drawing funding from individuals using a variety of technology. I am going to test your link in a couple of other browsers, just for kicks. The we are sorry, but change our technology statement is not just lazy, it is indefensible. Just code sith css, including one that works with html or at least recognizes a low graphics tool stop with the shame on you for not using JavaScript. some people physically cannot after all.
Or, just create a real m. site instead.

On Wed, 11 Apr 2018, Ian Collier wrote:

(Off topic)

People need to stop with this "We're sorry, you need to enable
Javascript to view this" malarkey.  It strikes me as lazy programming
and I don't know why web designers can't generate this stuff server-side
when it's just a blog or info page that I'm trying to view.

I don't expect to be able to use an app such as Google Maps in Lynx.
But a news article or the info page about a company - I should
absolutely be able to view that in Lynx.

As far as I can tell, every web site built in Wix is completely blank
to a non-JavaScript browser.  Here's a piece of irony:

It's allegedly a blog post entitled "The Story of Making Wix Accessible".
It is of course completely blank in a non-JavaScript browser (Lynx shows
a couple of useless links but apart from that it's blank).

(Sorry for the interruption, normal programming resumes shortly)


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