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> Dear LyX users, 
but I was told that this is rather somethign for lyx-devel. So, please send
me a copy of eventual replies, as I am just a user.

With LyX 1.6, using unicode characters other than Basic Latin is possible
also in math mode.  This is a vast improvement over the silent failure in
LyX 1.5, my thanks go out to the relevant developer(s)!

However, there remain some inconsistencies, as the character in question
is either replaced by a math-equivalent (if defined in the
"unicodesymbols" file) or by "text in math" with the text-equivalent.

* while A is typeset italic, Ä (and other accented characters) as well as
  Α (and other Greek characters) are typeset upright (and in the text font).

The question is 

* should the "input->math" conversion only be done for characters
  from "Basic Latin" and "Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols", or

* should "latin-1 supplement" characters for which a math equivalent exists
  use this instead of a text-version (e.g. Ä be replaced with \ddot{A} in
  math), and/or

* should Greek characters from the "Greek and Coptic" unicode block use
  the math-equivalent?

Patches exist for math definitions for "Latin-1 Supplement" and "Greek and 
in unicodesymbols.

However, could these also show as italic in the LyX GUI?

Attached is a survey of Math replacements for "Latin-1 Supplement"


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