I realize that I replied to a private message from racoon.

Does anybody think that the em dash that we use currently in the title bar should be replaced by a plain dash? I used it because Qt does it too, but ubuntu/unity does not and windows does not either?

Is this a KDE thing?


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Sujet : Re: [RFC][PATCH] Set window title according to platform UI
Date : Fri, 9 Sep 2016 10:05:05 +0200
De : Jean-Marc Lasgouttes <lasgout...@lyx.org>
Pour : racoon <xraco...@gmx.de>

Le 09/09/2016 à 09:54, racoon a écrit :
At least under windows it seems uncommon to use an mdash (0x2014)
between the filename and the application name. Rather a normal dash (-)
is used.

I used a mdash because this is what Qt does, but I agree that I do not see that on gnome either. Does someone else have ideas on the subject?


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