Dear developers of Lyx,
I am still left with this (minor) problem. So, perhaps somebody can give some advice!? I checked both the 'classicthesis-config.tex' and 'classicthesis.sty' files but as a layman found no way to correct this.
So, could it be a Lyx problem?

thanks and cheers,

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Subject:        multiple indexes
Date:   Fri, 16 Sep 2016 12:53:31 +0200
From:   Michael Berger <>
To:     lyx-users <>

Dear LyX users,

I am using multiple indexes (two different indexes) in my document.

The (back referenced) page numbers in one print blue while black in the other 

I should add that cross references appear blue as well as the
referenced page numbers in table of contents, in nomenclature, in
bibliographies etc.

I am using  'classicthesis-Lyx-v4.1'

Any hint as to why this happens and how it could possibly be corrected?



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