On 2016-09-16, Enrico Forestieri wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 12:33:08AM +0100, Guillaume Munch wrote:
>> Le 15/09/2016 à 23:52, Enrico Forestieri a écrit :
>> >On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 01:41:30PM +0100, Guillaume Munch wrote:

>> >>Also, I was surprised to see that when I enter \textit,\mbox,... it gets
>> >>wrapped inside a \text environment.
>> >
>> >Both issues should be solved now.

>> Yes, I confirm. Thank you.

I suggest different keywords for

a) commands that switch to text mode, and

b) commands that only work in text mode.

How about "textmode" for a)         # as before in lib/symbols
and       "textcommand" for b)?     # cf. lib/unicodesymbols

>> In practice I find that one has to change one's habits when writing text
>> in math. The new behaviour seems consistent and understandable though.

> I simply hate it ;-)

I am not happy with it either...

>> I am wondering though, as I thought that the original patch was only
>> supposed to change what happens when one inserts a macro: how come does
>> the code to output to latex had to change? Did I miss something about
>> the effect of the patch?

> There are two different series of patches. 
> The one from #9742 simply adjusts things on export. The other one
> implements the desiderata from Günter so that proper real insets are
> inserted to assure the correct mode. These are orthogonal to each
> other.


My aims are

* keep it simple

* promote clean formula writing

* enable fast formula writing

* ensure that the content of a Formula Inset is valid LaTeX
  (as far as possible, but this is a topic for a different thread).

I appreciate the concessions. However, with the current status none of my
aims is reached.

> I really hate the automatic insertion of real insets because they are not
> practical from my point of view. They make hard navigation and selection.

> For example, if you type "\int a" in an \mbox, you now get
> "\mbox{\ensuremath{\int a}}", but if you dissolve \ensuremath, you
> get "\mbox{\ensuremath{\int}a}" at export time. This is what I think
> should be the case, as if I type \int in textmode I only want an
> integral sign in the middle of text. 

In a formula, \int is usually followed by the limits or a variable.
Both require math-mode.

When typing a mathcommand with the cursor at the last position of an
\mbox, I usually want to get out of the "mathematical text" (back to the
enclosing math-mode) not in a new inset.

> Instead, now I have to remember to move out of \ensuremath in order to
> obtain a textmode "a" (or remember to dissolve the now real
> \ensuremath).

Moving out of math-mode is fortunately simple ([Space]).
Moving out of "mathematical text" is more cumbersome.
Dissolving an inset would become simpler if LyX supported dissolving with
[Del] at the last position. 


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