On 2016-09-22, Kornel Benko wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 22. September 2016 um 12:10:50, schrieb Günter Milde 
> <mi...@lyx.org>
>> commit 6b60e6811bdfe73f0e0cb05dd793b5b5267aa6cc
>> Author: Günter Milde <mi...@lyx.org>
>> Date:   Thu Sep 22 12:09:39 2016 +0200

>>  Sublabel: ert
>>  #
>>  # Export failures due to "raw" LaTeX use in ERT or preamble code.
>>  # "Wontfix" if demonstrating correct use and OK in the default output 
>> format.

>>  # Non-ASCII in ERT, fails with inputenc==ASCII (e.g. XeTeX with tex-fonts)
>> -export/doc/(de|es|fr)/Additional_pdf4_texF
>> +export/doc/(de|es)/Additional_pdf4_texF

> Now, export/doc/es/Additional_pdf4_texF in under label lyxbugs and under 
> label ert in invertedTests. At the same time
> in unreliableTests (mask = export/doc/es/.*_(pdf[45]|dvi3)_texF) under label 
> wrong_output.

> Which of the labels should it be? (now it is wrong_output)

Actually both, because this are independent issues:

* we know export fails currently (like for de/Additional_pdf4_texF)
  due to nonASCII in an ERT inset
* we know Spanish has problems with pdf[45]|dvi3)_texF leading to wrong
  output without (but not export failure).
  # Babel uses the "unicode" strings if it detects XeTeX or LuaTeX.
  # This is wrong for Xe/Lua with 8-bit TeX-fonts.

Please keep both patterns, even if currently it is not possible to have
both labels. This way, the correct label will be applied if one of the
issues is solved and the related pattern removed.


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