On 01/13/2017 03:27 AM, Guenter Milde wrote:
A more general question to all developers:

When checking for default viewer/editor applications during (re)configure,
should LyX
a) prefer feature rich applications, or
b) prefer small and fast-starting applications.

Current praxis seems to be:
   1. KDE/QT applications
   2. GNOME/GTK applications
   3. Windows
and in these categories a) feature rich apps first.

I prefer "small first", but not so much that I would change
anything without a broad consensus.

I think I would lean to fast-starting (not necessarily small footprint), but really what I would prefer is that my system default choices be used (which circles back to the xdg-open problem). Can a Python script "easily" obtain MIME settings from the environment?

Assuming that the xdg-utils package is installed, the shell command 'xdg-mime query default application/pdf' will return the default application (if one is set) for PDF files. On my system, the return value is 'xreader.desktop'. Unfortunately, for 'text/plain' the result is the somewhat less easily interpreted 'userapp-xed-07V7SY.desktop' (where xed is the correct answer -- no idea why it's so unclear). For 'image/jpeg' and 'image/png' the default is 'xviewer.desktop'. When no default is set (as is the case for 'image/svg' on my system), the xdg-mime query returns nothing.

If the configuration script started out by checking for default choices, and honoring those it finds, I wouldn't worry too much about the order of the options when it falls back to looking for installed applications for those where no default is set.


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