On 08/04/2017 10:02 PM, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
On Fri, Aug 04, 2017 at 08:22:40AM +0200, Christian Ridderström wrote:
On 2 August 2017 at 10:03, Scott Kostyshak <skost...@lyx.org> wrote:

I'm using gmail's web interface these days. This might be why I'm finding
it difficult to efficiently follow threads that are so long.
- The gmail labs thing I used for replying to parts of an e-mail is no
longer working.
- Sometimes the replies don't go to the list. *sigh*
- I haven't figured out how to mark a single e-mail as unread,
   e.g. when I feel I need to reply to it later, and instead have to mark
the entire thread.
   This does _not_ work well for long threads.
I find mutt to be very helpful with emails, but it takes a long time to
get used
to, and I'm not sure it would solve the particular issues you reference.

A decade or so ago I used 'pine' which worked really well for my e-mails
and the LyX lists.
Back then I accessed multiple lists as news groups, but as 'pine' tracks
the posts you've read
through a local file, I had to run 'pine' on a single computer. So I then
ran 'pine' within a screen session on server to which I SSH:d. I needed
this because I worked from multiple computers running on different

This worked well, and the drawback was mainly when people posted in HTML,
or included URLs which I manually had to copy and paste.
HTML is still (probably even worse) a problem. Whenever I receive HTML-only
emails, I respond and explain why I would prefer a multi-part MIME email. In the
end, it's not really a problem: Mutt can automatically convert the HTML to text,
using e.g. w3m. Or you can press the keys "vm" and it will view the email in
your browser.

As for links, you can set up mutt to pipe to urlview, which is quite useful.

I stopped using pine, probably triggered by losing access to the server.
There were also issues related to reading regular e-mail when people
started inserting lots of HTML, images and links. I did try switching to
'alpine', and probably considered using 'mutt', but there was still the
issue of needing to run it from a single computer.

Back then I think I could switch topic by changing the subject the topic,
but I'm not sure it works so well when using gmail's web interface.

That I stopped using 'pine' and switched to gmail also resulted in my not
being able to follow the LyX lists, and this was probably the main reason I
became mainly inactive within LyX for a while.
I'm now using my c...@lyx.org account for LyX related issues, and that is
working better -- except that gmail isn't working well at all for me when
there are long threads.

I've changed the subject of this reply and I'll see how it appears in my
gmail. I.e., will it be obvious it's a new topic, or will it be joined with
the original topic.
Regarding breaking threads, I will try to remember to break threads when a
discussion I wish to start is completely new. Please feel free to remind me or
point out where I could have done that. I can see how it would be easier for you
and others.

FWIW, I subscribe through GMail, using a filter to put the dev and user lists in separated virtual folders, but access my GMail account in Thunderbird (IMAP). The messages are individual. I don't know if there's a way to maintain threads in T-bird (haven't tried), but I can always use a "Quick Filter" to isolate a thread.


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