On 08/05/2017 10:49 AM, mn wrote:
On 05.08.17 16:26, Paul A. Rubin wrote:

FWIW, I subscribe through GMail, using a filter to put the dev and user
lists in separated virtual folders, but access my GMail account in
Thunderbird (IMAP). The messages are individual. I don't know if there's
a way to maintain threads in T-bird (haven't tried), but I can always
use a "Quick Filter" to isolate a thread.

If you want to try, these ideas might help:

Oops -- turns out I was having an extended senior moment. There's a column header in T-bird that sorts messages into threads if you click it. I completely forgot it was there. (Until I subscribed to the LyX lists, I never really had a use for threading in my mail client.)

And yes, once messages are threaded, you can tag or mark individual messages without tagging/marking the full thread.


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