On 2018-02-06, Pavel Sanda wrote:
> Scott Kostyshak wrote:
>> Can we at least have a hardcoded list of symbols that are not shown
>> correctly? e.g. can we show "\oiint" as LaTeX in LyX instead of using
>> the broken glyph? I don't know how to do that. In lib/symbols is it
>> possible to still load the esint package but not use the glyph?

> Hardcoding will have to be done either way, the question is what
> to do with the list. Fixing codepoints in fonts is not that hard
> either.

> The best would be to discuss with qt devs how to allow the fonts to
> be shown properly, unfortunately in my experience they nowadays do
> not care much about bugs of such "importance" and it's waste of
> your time to properly report the bug...

IMV, the right way forward would be to use a Unicode-encoded math font
instead of a legacy font which uses slots of "nonprintable" characters
for printable ones.


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