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> OK, got it down to this:

Excellent. Here is my analysis. 

Since this is a very old document, it has "\layout Standard" in insets.
Now as of format 315 (for LyX 1.6), we switched to "\begin_layout
PlainLayout" and shortly afterwards "\begin_layout Plain Layout" inside
insets. But we do not actually convert "Standard" to "Plain Layout"
(probably since it is hard to predict where to do that and since we
rely on LyX doing that anyway), so the insets keep having
"\begin_layout Standard".

Now the convert_separator routine (format 475) checks whether we are
inside a text inset precisely by looking for "Plain Layout". This of
course fails here, hence the separator is inserted (

I am not sure if there is an easy fix for this. The "real" fix would be
to actually change Standard to PlainLayout in 315, but I suppose there
were reasons for not doing that. I am not sure if the check in
convert_separator can be adapted to cover these old cases.


>       Kornel

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