On Monday, 19 February 2018 15.40.42 WET Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
> xcellent. Here is my analysis.
> Since this is a very old document, it has "\layout Standard" in insets.
> Now as of format 315 (for LyX 1.6), we switched to "\begin_layout
> PlainLayout" and shortly afterwards "\begin_layout Plain Layout" inside
> insets. But we do not actually convert "Standard" to "Plain Layout"
> (probably since it is hard to predict where to do that and since we
> rely on LyX doing that anyway), so the insets keep having
> "\begin_layout Standard".

I agree with your assessment of the problem. :-)

Since the list of insets where this is required should be a fixed number, no?

> Now the convert_separator routine (format 475) checks whether we are
> inside a text inset precisely by looking for "Plain Layout". This of
> course fails here, hence the separator is inserted (lyx_2_2.py:186ff.)
> I am not sure if there is an easy fix for this. The "real" fix would be
> to actually change Standard to PlainLayout in 315, but I suppose there
> were reasons for not doing that. I am not sure if the check in
> convert_separator can be adapted to cover these old cases.

The solution that you got in the next message in thread is a neat one. :-)

My only doubt is if there could be other places where this can occur. If I had 
to take a guess I 
would say no but I am not sure.

One doubt that I have about this is if there is any difference here between the 
file converted by 
lyx2lyx and the file re-saved by lyx. Is there any relevant difference? (I'm 
leaving in really soon 
and I do not have to test it right now)

> Jürgen

José Abílio

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