Hi all,

I have a very perplexing but utterly repeatable crash that I'm trying to diagnose, to determine whether I should file a ticket (or whether it's not a LyX issue). I'd appreciate any insight. Apologies for the length of what follows.

I'm running LyX 2.2.3 on Linux Mint 18.3 MATE. The Qt version is 4.8.7 (both compile-time and run-time). I have Aspell, Enchant and Myspell installed. The OS uses English (US) as its default language.

Symptom #1: With Aspell selected as the spellchecker, if I attempt to spellcheck any document, no matter how simple, LyX crashes. The crash message is
.cset" could not be opened for reading or does not exist.lib/aspell/
Aborted (core dumped)
With Enchant selected, there is no problem.

Symptom #2: With Aspell set as the spellchecker, if I right click in any empty document, or on the handle of a float, things work as expected. If I right click in the text area of a non-empty document, I get the same crash. Here's the tail of output when I ran LyX with dbg -any and triggered the crash:
frontends/qt4/Menus.cpp (2342): Context menu requested: context-edit
frontends/qt4/Menus.cpp (2297): Triggered menu: context-edit
AspellChecker.cpp (214): aspell user dir: /home/paul/.lyx/
AspellChecker.cpp (217): aspell sysdir dir: /usr/share/lyx/
.cset" could not be opened for reading or does not exist.lib/aspell/
Aborted (core dumped)
So the right-click triggered a context menu, which then somehow seems to have invoked Aspell (?!) and caused the crash.

Just to make this dopier, I have the same operating system and same version of LyX installed on my laptop and an older PC with no problems. The crash is happening on a new machine (with a different chip architecture, which hopefully does not matter) that I'm breaking in.

Any suggestions on (a) why a right-click in the middle of some text would have anything to do with the spellchecker and (b) why Aspell is blowing up on just this one machine?


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