On 04/04/2018 07:07 PM, Uwe Stöhr wrote:
> Am 31.03.2018 um 19:37 schrieb Scott Kostyshak:
>> I've included something along these lines in the newest proposal for a
>> dialog.
> Dear Developers,
> yes, I take it personally that you cannot trust me as Windows
> developer who has experiences with LyX under Windows for more than 10
> years. 

Hi, Uwe,

It is not true that people don't trust you, and it really isn't helpful
to phrase it that way. This is not an issue of expertise, experience, or
anythinng of that sort. It's a judgement call about what to do in what
is obviously a difficult situation.

As others have explained, we work as a team here, and none of us ever
gets to make a decision all by ourselves about anything that is
important in LyX. I am pretty confident that all of us who have been
here for any amount of time have been on both sides of these kinds of
disagreements. I think the rest of us are puzzled why this issue should
be any different from any other where we discuss things, take a vote,
and more forward.

I think all of us understand your point of view. You want users to have
the simplest possible experience and, as a result, have created an
installer that is as automatic as it can be. Many of the rest of us have
real doubts about the wisdom of this, but we are not raising that issue.
The only issue here is: Should we or should we not upgrade aspects of
users' systems without asking their permission to do so? All of us
understand that, eventually, everyone will have to do this upgrade and
that there are things one can do even without upgrading that will break
people's MikTeX installations. Nonetheless, we think that we simply
cannot just *tell* users that we are upgrading their MikTeX
installations or, for that matter, any other software. We have to ask
first, and we have to leave things exactly as they were if people say "no".

I am quite certain that, even if only two-thirds of the team felt that
way, then we'd defer to your judgement. But it is not that way.
Literally everyone else agrees with what I have just written, and we
*all* have to stand behind what we release under the LyX name. It's not
just your reputation that is at stake here.


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